Industry Sectors

Range of Applications

Your employees are your most valuable asset. That’s why they deserve the superior protection of ProNitrile powder-free gloves. We proudly serve companies in a variety of sectors.  Several sectors can benefit from our steady Canadian supply chain. We store our gloves in Canada. We have models ready for next day shipping, regardless of order volume.

Adult Industry

All the fun with less of the risk! Our range of adult fetish gloves offer excellent barrier protection against liquids.

Airport and Travel

Designed to provide the support and protection you need without losing sensitivity and grip, our luggage handling glove range includes the glove that’s right for you.


A wide range of hazards exist in the automotive industry. ProNitrile can supply the correct protection gloves to minimize these risks for your workers.

Beauty & Cosmetics

ProNitrile supply the correct gloves for the beauty industry whether it be for barrier protection from chemicals & dyes.


As pet-owners ourselves, we understand that your customers (and their beloved animals) require extra comfort, dexterity, sensitivity & barrier protection during the examination.


Need a disposable glove that offers complete protection for your and your horse? Our range of disposable Nitrile gloves have you and your horse covered.


The diversity of protection in industry requires an expert to guarantee your customer safety. You can trust us with your customer safety.

Food Industry

Our distributors rely on ProNitrile to supply gloves to the correct standard of government regulation.


Our gloves are used by Graffiti Artists around the world and help prevent contact with chemicals in the paints that are harmful to you and your skin.

Tattoos & Piercings

Black Nitrile Gloves have been used for years for body modification professionals. Our nitrile gloves are specially designed to improve grip and dexterity.

Janitorial Work

We can supply ProNitrile distributors with the correct gloves to protect them against chemicals & cross contamination.


ProNitrile understands that your customers in the laboratory wear gloves extensively, we understand that comfort is a priority.


When sensitivity, grip and barrier protection are paramount, our range of high quality, high performance disposable gloves provide mortuary staff with the protection required.


Barrier protection and cross contamination are easily achieved through the use of high quality disposable gloves used by pharmaceutical companies everywhere in the globe.


Performance and reliability are key factors for glove users in the rescue services. Our range of disposable gloves provide high levels of barrier protection with the comfort, sensitivity and dexterity you need.

Science & Education

Thick, thin or somewhere in between? Whatever your disposable glove requirement, we have a product that is ideal for use in laboratories and the wider scientific sector.

Security Industry

Whether its barrier protection against blood and other bodily fluids or narcotics and other potentially harmful substances, security services use our gloves to provide the barrier they need.